​The soul of The Gym Club is fed by only - ONLY - the ambition to propel you to mould your body into something amazing. We want to make the road to this destination something a lot more than just a daily drone of sweaty, thudding footsteps on an almost detested treadmill.

The reason behind The Gym Club’s conception is pretty simple actually: Typical Gyms… are BORING! This makes workouts so much more intimidating than it has to be. Hasn’t the near-dead atmosphere of the gym across the street ever frustrated you? Don’t you feel you deserve so much more than the draining feel in that gym your friend once dragged you to? Could you ever muster the courage to visit a gym again after that?

My sole aim is to make all this reluctance and lethargy go away. The Gym Club takes the basic idea behind your typical gym, to the next level.  My level.

The bare rawness of the Gym Club along with our infectious focus on goals, will inspire you to give your best to satisfy your hunger for that perfect body which you deserve. This hunger will be boosted by the similar passion that your fellow gymmers will share; we believe that people should lift each other up.  

The way we engage our members within the gym environment is what distinguishes us: we will get your heart racing even before you step onto the treadmill. I like to think, that the gym energy I work to create, will make you lose some weight just by entering the gym itself. ;)

The Gym Club will make you want to forget the outside world. Incredible thumping music by our in-house DJ will create the magnetizing electric atmosphere you always needed, but never knew you could have. There was this one time where I found myself able to lift more than my usual weight during a bench press. The source of this sudden boost of energy turned out to be the rare treat of good music at that gym.

​A few weeks spent with us at The Gym Club, and you will never find workouts tedious again. The hours at the gym will become the most anticipated part of your day: you will get what you always dreamt of, and you will get it in the unexpectedly pleasant way you could never have thought of…
The Gym Club